Isaiah 32

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Old Testament

Teh kingdom ov righteousnes

1 c, king will reign in righteousnes An rulers will rule wif justice.2 each man will be liek sheltr frum teh wind An refuge frum teh storm, Liek streams ov watr in da desert An teh shadow ov great rawk in thirsty land.3 den teh eyez ov dose hoo c will no longr be closd, An teh ears ov dose hoo hear will listen.4 teh mind ov teh rash will knoe an understand, An teh stammerin tongue will be fluent an clear.5 no longr will teh fool be calld noble Nor teh scoundrel be highly respectd.6 4 da fool speakz folly, His mind iz busy wif evil: He practicez ungodlines An spreadz error concernin teh lord; Teh hungry he leavez empty An frum teh thirsty he withholdz watr.7 teh scoundrels methodz r wickd, He makez up evil schemez 2 destroy teh poor wif liez, Even when teh plea ov teh needy iz jus.8 but teh noble man makez noble planz, An by noble deedz he standz.

Teh girlz of jerusalem

9 women hoo r so complasent, Rize up an listen 2 me; U daughters hoo feelz secure, Hear wut i has 2 say!10 in lil moar than yer U hoo feelz secure will tremble; Teh grape harvest will fail, An teh harvest ov fruit will not come.11 tremble, u complasent women; Shuddr, u daughters hoo feelz secure! Strip off ur clothez, Put sackcloth around ur waists.12 beat ur boobs 4 da pleasant fieldz, 4 da fruitful vinez13 an 4 da land ov mah peeps, Land overgrown wif thorns an briers— Yez, mourn 4 all haus ov merriment An 4 dis city ov revelry.14 teh fortres will be abandond, Teh noisy city desertd; Citadel an watchtowr will become wasteland forevr, Teh delight ov donkeys, paschur 4 flockz,15 till teh spirit iz pourd upon us frum on high, An teh desert becomez fertile field, An teh fertile field seems liek forest.16 justice will dwell in da desert An righteousnes liv in da fertile field.17 teh fruit ov righteousnes will be peace; Teh effect ov righteousnes will be quietnes an confidence forevr.18 mah peeps will liv in peaceful dwellin placez, In secure homez, In undisturbd placez ov rest.19 though hail flattens teh forest An teh city iz leveld completely,20 how blesd u will be, Sowin ur sed by evry stream, An lettin ur kattle an donkeys range free.

Isaiah 32
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