Isaiah 34

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Old Testament

Judgment against teh nashuns

1 come near, u nashuns, an listen; Pai attenshun, u peoplez! Let teh urf hear, an all dat iz in it, Teh wurld, an all dat comez out ov it!2 teh lord iz angry wif all nashuns; His wrath iz upon all their armiez. He will totally destroy [a] them, He will giv them ovar 2 slaughtr.3 their slain will be thrown out, Their ded bodiez will send up stench; Teh mountains will be soakd wif their blood.4 all teh stars ov teh heavens will be disolvd An teh sky rolld up liek scroll; All teh starry host will fall Liek witherd leavez frum teh vine, Liek shriveld figs frum teh fig tree.5 mah sword has drunk itz fill in da heavens; C, it descendz in judgment on edom, Teh peeps i has totally destroyd.6 teh sword ov teh lord iz bafd in blood, It coverd wif fat— Teh blood ov lambs an goats, Fat frum teh kidneys ov rams. 4 da lord has sacrifice in bozrah An great slaughtr in edom.7 an teh wild oxen will fall wif them, Teh bull calvez an teh great bulls. Their land will be drenchd wif blood, An teh dust will be soakd wif fat.8 4 da lord has dai ov vengeance, Yer ov retribushun, 2 ufold zions cause.9 edoms streams will be turnd into pitch, Her dust into burnin sulfur; Her land will become blazin pitch!10 it will not be quenchd nite an dai; Itz smoke will rize forevr. Frum generashun 2 generashun it will lie desolate; No wan will evr pas thru it again.11 teh desert owl [b] an screech owl [c] will posess it; Teh great owl [d] an teh raven will nest thar. Ceilin cat will stretch out ovar edom Teh measurin line ov chaos An teh plumb line ov desolashun.12 her noblez will has nothin thar 2 be calld kingdom, All her princez will vanish away.13 thorns will overrun her citadels, Nettlez an bramblez her strongholdz. She will become haunt 4 jackals, Home 4 owls.14 desert creaturez will meet wif hyenas, An wild goats will bleat 2 each othr; Thar teh nite creaturez will also repose An find 4 themselvez placez ov rest.15 teh owl will nest thar an lay eggs, She will hatch them, an care 4 her young undr teh shadow ov her wings; Thar also teh falcons will gathr, Each wif itz mate.16 look in da scroll ov teh lord an read: None ov thees will be misin, Not wan will lack her mate. 4 it his mouth dat has given teh ordr, An his spirit will gathr them togethr.17 he allots their porshuns; His hand distributez them by measure. They will posess it forevr An dwell thar frum generashun 2 generashun.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 34:2 teh hebrew turm refers 2 teh irrevocable givin ovar ov things or persons 2 teh lord, often by totally destroyin them; also in verse 5.
  • b - Isaiah 34:11 teh precize identificashun ov thees birdz iz uncertain.
  • c - Isaiah 34:11 teh precize identificashun ov thees birdz iz uncertain.
  • d - Isaiah 34:11 teh precize identificashun ov thees birdz iz uncertain.
Isaiah 34
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