Isaiah 35

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Old Testament
Isaiah 35
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Song of Solomon Jeremiah Isaiah 34 Isaiah 36

1 Teh outside iz gud for dem an teh plants will grow2 Dey shall blosom an look at teh wunderz of teh Hover Cat cuz he iz teh pwnz0r3 Dis will mak kittens strong4 So dey are not scareded cuz teh Hover Cat comez comez wif vengeance to save littel kittens hoo r scareded.

5 Den teh blind will see teh uber Urf and teh deaf will hear teh sound ov teh birds up in sky (an sum hoo cant fly) and teh sound of teh moomoo cows.6 Den teh kittens shall jump an watr be in teh sandy parts ov teh Urf7 Grass shall grow thru teh ground an watr will gush an kittens has lotz da cheezcake.

8 An the holy wai wuz thar. Only gud kittehs will pass thru, an teh naughty kittehs will be rejected.9 Teh bad kittehs an monstrs can not pass but teh gud ones will will walk thur.10 Thur wil be many cheezecaek thur for dose hoo can pass wer all teh bad thoughts be gone an dey can be happy.

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