Isaiah 39

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Old Testament

1 K then Merodach-baladan de son of Baladan hoo wuz Hed Cat o babylon, him sendz peoples wif teh letters ad catnip fohz Hezekiah, becuz he had dem hairballz but now got teh betters.2 Dem Hezekiah gaves meowz ad dem showz teh gold n other catnips. Srsly, waznt notting dat his dem no showz.3 ok then Isaiah comez a he sez:

Hoo dey?

at Hezekiah sez:

Dey frum Babylon.4 Isaiah sez:
K but wut seez dem?

a him sez:

Dey seez all.

5 So Isaiah sez: Heer teh Ceiling Cat:6 All your basez weel belong to dem!7 A yor kittenz, dey weel take too! A dey can no be daddy cats. Srsly.8 K then Hezekiah sez:

Teh nooz yu sez iz teh goodz! No aiz gets wet.
Isaiah 39
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