Isaiah 46

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Old Testament

Godz ov babylon

1 bel bows down, nebo stoops low; Their idols r borne by beasts ov burden. [a] Teh imagez dat r carrid bout r burdensome, Burden 4 da weary.2 they stoop an bow down togethr; Unable 2 rescue teh burden, They themselvez go off into captivity.3 "listen 2 me, o houz ov jacob, All u hoo remain ov teh houz ov israel, U whom i has ufeld since u wuz conceivd, An has carrid since ur birf.4 even 2 ur old age an gray hairs Im he, im he hoo will sustain u. I has made u an im gonna carry u; Im gonna sustain u an im gonna rescue u.5 "2 whom will u compare me or count me equal? 2 whom will u liken me dat we cud be compard?6 sum pour out gold frum their bags An weigh out silvr on teh scalez; They hire goldsmith 2 mak it into ceilin cat, An they bow down an worship it.7 they lift it 2 their shoulders an carry it; They set it up in itz place, an thar it standz. Frum dat spot it cant moov. Though wan criez out 2 it, it doez not anzwr; It cant save him frum his troublez.8 "remembr dis, fix it in mind, Taek it 2 hart, u rebels.9 remembr teh formr things, dose ov long ago; Im ceilin cat, an thar iz no othr; Im ceilin cat, an thar iz none liek me.10 i mak known teh end frum teh beginnin, Frum ancient tiems, wut iz still 2 come. I say: mah purpose will stand, An im gonna do all dat i plz.11 frum teh east i summon bird ov prey; Frum far-off land, man 2 fulfill mah purpose. Wut i has sed, dat will i brin bout; Wut i has plannd, dat will i doez.12 listen 2 me, u stubborn-heartd, U hoo r far frum righteousnes.13 im bringin mah righteousnes near, It not far away; An mah salvashun will not be delayd. Im gonna grant salvashun 2 zion, Mah splendor 2 israel.

Teh Footnote

  • a - Isaiah 46:1 or r but beasts an kattle
Isaiah 46
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