Isaiah 47

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Old Testament

Teh fall ov babylon

1 "go down, sit in da dust, Virgin daughtr ov babylon; Sit on teh ground without throne, Daughtr ov teh babylonianz. [a] No moar will u be calld Tendr or delicate.2 taek millstonez an grind flour; Taek off ur veil. Lift up ur skirts, bare ur legs, An wade thru teh streams.3 ur nakednes will be exposd An ur shame uncoverd. Im gonna taek vengeance; Im gonna spare no wan."4 r redeemr—teh lord almighty iz his naym— Iz teh holy wan ov israel.5 "sit in silence, go into darknes, Daughtr ov teh babylonianz; No moar will u be calld Queen ov kingdoms.6 i wuz angry wif mah peeps An desecratd mah inheritance; I gaev them into ur hand, An u showd them no mercy. Even on teh agd U laid vry heavy yoke.7 u sed, im gonna continue forevr— Teh eternal queen! But u did not considr thees things Or reflect on wut mite happen.8 "nao den, listen, u wanton creachur, Loungin in ur security An sayin 2 yourself, Im, an thar iz none besidez me. Im gonna nevr be widow Or suffr teh los ov children.9 both ov thees will overtaek u In moment, on single dai: Los ov children an widowhood. They will come upon u in full measure, In spite ov ur lotz da sorceriez An all ur potent spells.10 u has trustd in ur wickednes An has sed, no wan seez me. Ur wisdom an knowledge mislead u When u say 2 yourself, Im, an thar iz none besidez me.11 disastr will come upon u, An u will not knoe how 2 conjure it away. Calamity will fall upon u Dat u cant ward off wif ranzom; Katastrofe u cant foresee Will suddenly come upon u.12 "keep on, den, wif ur magic spells An wif ur lotz da sorceriez, Which u has labord at since childhood. Perhaps u will succed, Perhaps u will cause terror.13 all teh counsel u has receivd has only worn u out! Let ur astrologers come fwd, Dose stargazers hoo mak predicshuns month by month, Let them save u frum wut iz comin upon u.14 surely they r liek stubble; Teh fire will burn them up. They cant even save themselvez Frum teh powr ov teh flame. Her r no coals 2 warm anyone; Her iz no fire 2 sit by.15 dat iz all they can do 4 u— Thees u has labord wif An traffickd wif since childhood. Each ov them goez on in his error; Thar iz not wan dat can save u.

Teh Footnote

  • a - Isaiah 47:1 or chaldeanz
Isaiah 47
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