Isaiah 48

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Old Testament

Stubborn israel

1 "listen 2 dis, o houz ov jacob, U hoo r calld by teh naym ov israel An come frum teh line ov judah, U hoo taek oaths in da naym ov teh lord An invoke teh ceilin cat ov israel— But not in truth or righteousnes-2 u hoo call yourselvez citizens ov teh holy city An rely on teh ceilin cat ov israel— Teh lord almighty iz his naym:3 i foretold teh formr things long ago, Mah mouth announcd them an i made them known; Den suddenly i actd, an they came 2 pas.4 4 i knew how stubborn u wuz; Teh sinews ov ur neck wuz iron, Ur forehead wuz bronze.5 therefore i told u thees things long ago; Before they happend i announcd them 2 u So dat u cud not say, Mah idols did them; Mah wooden image an metal ceilin cat ordaind them.6 u has herd thees things; look at them all. Will u not admit them? "frum nao on im gonna tell u ov new things, Ov hidden things unknown 2 u.7 they r creatd nao, an not long ago; U has not herd ov them before todai. So u cant say, Yez, i knew ov them.8 u has neithr herd nor understood; Frum ov old ur ear has not been open. Well do i knoe how treacherous u r; U wuz calld rebel frum birf.9 4 mah own nayms saek i delay mah wrath; 4 da saek ov mah praize i hold it bak frum u, So as not 2 cut u off.10 c, i has refind u, though not as silvr; I has testd u in da furnace ov afflicshun.11 4 mah own saek, 4 mah own saek, i doez dis. How i can let myself be defamd? Im gonna not yield mah glory 2 anothr.

Israel fred

12 "listen 2 me, o jacob, Israel, whom i has calld: Im he; I r furst an i r last.13 mah own hand laid teh foundashuns ov teh earth, An mah rite hand spread out teh heavens; When i summon them, They all stand up togethr.14 "come togethr, all ov u, an listen: Which ov teh idols has foretold thees things? Teh lordz chosen ally Will carry out his purpose against babylon; His arm will be against teh babylonianz. [a]15 i, even i, has spoken; Yez, i has calld him. Im gonna brin him, An he will succed in his mishun.16 "come near me an listen 2 dis: "frum teh furst announcement i has not spoken in seekret; At teh tiem it happens, im thar." An nao teh sovereign lord has sent me, Wif his spirit.17 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez— Ur redeemr, teh holy wan ov israel: "i r lord ur ceilin cat, Hoo teachez u wut iz best 4 u, Hoo directs u in da wai u shud go.18 if only u had paid attenshun 2 mah commandz, Ur peace wud has been liek rivr, Ur righteousnes liek teh wavez ov teh sea.19 ur descendants wud has been liek teh sand, Ur children liek itz numberles grains; Their naym wud nevr be cut off Nor destroyd frum before me."20 leef babylon, Flee frum teh babylonianz! Announce dis wif shouts ov joy An proclaim it. Send it out 2 teh endz ov teh earth; Say, "teh lord has redeemd his servant jacob."21 they did not thirst when he led them thru teh deserts; He made watr flow 4 them frum teh rawk; He split teh rawk An watr gushd out.22 "thar iz no peace," sez teh lord, "4 da wickd."

Teh Footnote

  • a - Isaiah 48:14 or chaldeanz ; also in verse 20
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