Isaiah 55

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Old Testament
Isaiah 55
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Song of Solomon Jeremiah Isaiah 54 Isaiah 56

1 OMG free cheezburgrz fur all ov yu! No luk at me all like "wtf?!" No sez "DO NOT WANT!" Jus com an get it! Iz tasty gud!2 Wy yu buy spensiv junk fud whut don fill teh belleh? I got gud stuffs fur yu. Iz not jus cheezburgrz, is GORMET cheezburgrz!3 Cmere an lissen 2 mai advis so yu can has gud lif wif naps in teh sun an cheezburgr evry day. I iz giv yu kewl an speshul promis leik i givs 2 mai servnt David who wuz bff wif meh.4 C, i has made him witnes 2 teh peoplez, Leadr an commandr ov teh peoplez.5 Surely u will summon nashuns u knoe not, An nashuns dat do not knoe u will hasten 2 u, Cuz ov teh lord ur ceilin cat, Teh holy wan ov israel, 4 he has endowd u wif splendor."6 Seek teh lord while he cud be findz; Call on him while he iz near.7 Let teh wickd forsaek his wai An teh evil man his thoughts. Let him turn 2 teh lord, an he will has mercy on him, An 2 r ceilin cat, 4 he will freely pardon.8 "4 mah thoughts r not ur thoughts, Neithr r ur ways mah ways," Declarez teh lord.9 "as teh heavens r highr than teh earth, So r mah ways highr than ur ways An mah thoughts than ur thoughts.10 As teh rane an teh snow Come down frum heaven, An do not return 2 it Without waterin teh earth An makin it bud an flourish, So dat it yieldz sed 4 da sowr an bread 4 da eatr,11 So iz mah werd dat goez out frum mah mouth: It will not return 2 me empty, But will accomplish wut i desire An achieve teh purpose 4 which i sent it.12 U will go out in joy An be led forth in peace; Teh mountains an hills Will burst into song before u, An all teh treez ov teh field Will clap their hanz.13 Instead ov teh thornbush will grow teh pine tree, An instead ov briers teh myrtle will grow. Dis will be 4 da lordz renown, 4 an evrlastin sign, Which will not be destroyd."

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