Isaiah 56

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Old Testament

Salvashun 4 others

1 This ar teh wut teh lord sez: "maintain justice An do wut iz rite, 4 mah salvashun iz close at hand An mah righteousnes will soon be reveald.2 Blesd iz teh man hoo doez dis, Teh man hoo holdz it fast, Hoo keeps teh sabbath without desecratin it, An keeps his hand frum doin any evil."3 Let no foreignr hoo has bound him 2 teh lord say, "teh lord will surely exclude me frum his peeps." An let not any eunuch complain, "im only dry tree."4 4 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "2 teh eunuchs hoo keep mah sabbaths, Hoo choose wut pleasez me An hold fast 2 mah covenant-5 2 them im gonna giv within mah temple an itz walls Memorial an naym Bettr than sons an daughters; Im gonna giv them an evrlastin naym Dat will not be cut off.6 An foreigners hoo bind themselvez 2 teh lord 2 serve him, 2 luv teh naym ov teh lord, An 2 worship him, All hoo keep teh sabbath without desecratin it An hoo hold fast 2 mah covenant-7 Thees im gonna brin 2 mah holy mountain An giv them joy in mah houz ov prayr. Their burnt offerings an sacrificez Will be acceptd on mah altar; 4 mah houz will be calld Houz ov prayr 4 all nashuns."8 Teh sovereign lord declarez— He hoo gathers teh exilez ov israel: "im gonna gathr still others 2 them Besidez dose already gatherd."

DO NOT WANT Wickedness!

9 Come, all u beasts ov teh field, Come an devour, all u beasts ov teh forest!10 Israels watchmen r blind, They all lack knowledge; They r all mute dawgs, They cant bark; They lie around an dream, They luv 2 sleep.11 They r dawgs wif mighty appetitez; They nevr has enough. They r sheferdz hoo lack understandin; They all turn 2 their own wai, Each seekz his own gain.12 "come," each wan criez, "let me git wine! Let us drink r fill ov ber! An 2morrow will be liek todai, Or even far bettr."

Isaiah 56
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