Isaiah 62

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Old Testament

Zions new naym

1 4 zions saek im gonna not keep silent, 4 jerusalems saek im gonna not remain quiet, Till her righteousnes shinez out liek teh dawn, Her salvashun liek blazin torch.2 Teh nashuns will c ur righteousnes, An all kings ur glory; U will be calld by new naym Dat teh mouth ov teh lord will bestow.3 U will be crown ov splendor in da lordz hand, Royal diadem in da hand ov ur ceilin cat.4 No longr will they call u desertd, Or naym ur land desolate. But u will be calld hefzibah, [a] An ur land beulah [b] ; 4 da lord will taek delight in u, An ur land will be marrid.5 As young man marriez maiden, So will ur sons [c] marry u; As bridegroom rejoicez ovar his bride, So will ur ceilin cat rejoice ovar u.6 I has postd watchmen on ur walls, o jerusalem; They will nevr be silent dai or nite. U hoo call on teh lord, Giv yourselvez no rest,7 An giv him no rest till he establishez jerusalem An makez her teh praize ov teh earth.8 Teh lord has sworn by his rite hand An by his mighty arm: "nevr again will i giv ur grain As fud 4 ur enemiez, An nevr again will foreigners drink teh new wine 4 which u has toild;9 Butt dose hoo harvest it will eat it An praize teh lord, An dose hoo gathr teh grapez will drink it In da courts ov mah sanctuary."10 Pas thru, pas thru teh gatez! Prepare teh wai 4 da peeps. Build up, build up teh highway! Remoov teh stonez. Raize bannr 4 da nashuns.11 Teh lord has made proclamashun 2 teh endz ov teh earth: "say 2 teh daughtr ov zion, C, ur savior comez! C, his reward iz wif him, An his recompense accompaniez him. "12 They will be calld teh holy peeps, Teh redeemd ov teh lord; An u will be calld sought aftr, Teh city no longr desertd.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 62:4 hefzibah meanz mah delight iz in her .
  • b - Isaiah 62:4 beulah meanz marrid .
  • c - Isaiah 62:5 or buildr
Isaiah 62
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