Isaiah 64

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Old Testament

1 Oh, dat u wud rend teh heavens an come down, Dat teh mountains wud tremble before u!2 As when fire sets twigs ablaze An causez watr 2 boil, Come down 2 mak ur naym known 2 ur enemiez An cause teh nashuns 2 quaek before u!3 4 when u did awsum things dat we did not expect, U came down, an teh mountains trembld before u.4 Since ancient tiems no wan has herd, No ear has perceivd, No eye has seen any ceilin cat besidez u, Hoo acts on behalf ov dose hoo wait 4 him.5 U come 2 teh halp ov dose hoo gladly do rite, Hoo remembr ur ways. But when we continud 2 sin against them, U wuz angry. How den can we be savd?6 All ov us has become liek wan hoo iz unclean, An all r righteous acts r liek filthy rags; We all shrivel up liek leaf, An liek teh wind r sins sweep us away.7 No wan calls on ur naym Or strivez 2 lay hold ov u; 4 u has hidden ur face frum us An made us waste away cuz ov r sins.8 Yet, o lord, u r r fathr. We r teh clay, u r teh pottr; We r all teh werk ov ur hand.9 Do not be angry beyond measure, o lord; Do not remembr r sins forevr. Oh, look upon us, we pray, 4 we r all ur peeps.10 Ur sacrd citiez has become desert; Even zion iz desert, jerusalem desolashun.11 R holy an glorious temple, wer r fathers praisd u, Has been burnd wif fire, An all dat we treasurd liez in ruins.12 Aftr all dis, o lord, will u hold yourself bak? Will u keep silent an punish us beyond measure?

Isaiah 64
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