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Old Testament

judgment an salvashun

1 "i reveald myself 2 dose hoo did not ask 4 me; I wuz findz by dose hoo did not seek me. 2 nashun dat did not call on mah naym, I sed, her iz i, her iz i.2 all dai long i has held out mah hanz 2 an obstinate peeps, Hoo walk in ways not gud, Pursuin their own imaginashuns-3 a peeps hoo continually provoke me 2 mah vry face, Offerin sacrificez in gardens An burnin incense on altars ov brick;4 hoo sit among teh gravez An spend their nitez keepin seekret vigil; Hoo eat teh flesh ov pigs, An whose pots hold broth ov unclean meat;5 hoo say, keep away; doan come near me, 4 im 2 sacrd 4 u! Such peeps r smoke in mah nostrils, A fire dat keeps burnin all dai.6 "c, it standz written before me: Im gonna not keep silent but will pai bak in full; Im gonna pai it bak into their laps-7 both ur sins an teh sins ov ur fathers," Sez teh lord. "cuz they burnd sacrificez on teh mountains An defid me on teh hills, Im gonna measure into their laps Teh full payment 4 their formr deedz."8 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "as when juice iz still findz in clustr ov grapez An doodz say, doan destroy it, Thar iz yet sum gud in it, So will i doez in behalf ov mah servants; Im gonna not destroy them all.9 im gonna brin forth descendants frum jacob, An frum judah dose hoo will posess mah mountains; Mah chosen peeps will inherit them, An thar will mah servants liv.10 sharon will become paschur 4 flockz, An teh valley ov achor restin place 4 herdz, 4 mah peeps hoo seek me.11 "but as 4 u hoo forsaek teh lord An forget mah holy mountain, Hoo spread table 4 fortune An fill bowls ov mixd wine 4 destiny,12 im gonna destine u 4 da sword, An u will all bend down 4 da slaughtr; 4 i calld but u did not anzwr, I spoke but u did not listen. U did evil in mah sight An chose wut displeasez me."13 therefore dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: "mah servants will eat, But u will go hungry; Mah servants will drink, But u will go thirsty; Mah servants will rejoice, But u will be put 2 shame.14 mah servants will sing Out ov teh joy ov their hearts, But u will cry out Frum anguish ov hart An wail in brokennes ov spirit.15 u will leef ur naym 2 mah chosen onez as curse; Teh sovereign lord will put u 2 death, But 2 his servants he will giv anothr naym.16 whoevr invokez blesin in da land Will do so by teh ceilin cat ov truth; He hoo takez an oath in da land Will swear by teh ceilin cat ov truth. 4 da past troublez will be forgotten An hidden frum mah eyez.

new heavens an new earth

17 "behold, im gonna create New heavens an new earth. Teh formr things will not be rememberd, Nor will they come 2 mind.18 butt be glad an rejoice forevr In wut im gonna create, 4 im gonna create jerusalem 2 be delight An itz peeps joy.19 im gonna rejoice ovar jerusalem An taek delight in mah peeps; Teh sound ov weepin an ov cryin Will be herd in it no moar.20 "nevr again will thar be in it An infant hoo livez but few dais, Or an old man hoo doez not liv out his yeers; He hoo diez at hundrd Will be thot mere youth; He hoo fails 2 reach [a] hundrd Will be considerd accursd.21 they will build haus an dwell in them; They will plant vineyardz an eat their fruit.22 no longr will they build haus an others liv in them, Or plant an others eat. 4 as teh dais ov tree, So will be teh dais ov mah peeps; Mah chosen onez will long enjoy Teh werkz ov their hanz.23 they will not toil in vain Or bear children doomd 2 misfortune; 4 they will be peeps blesd by teh lord, They an their descendants wif them.24 before they call im gonna anzwr; While they r still speakin im gonna hear.25 teh wolf an teh lamb will fed togethr, An teh lion will eat straw liek teh ox, But dust will be teh serpents fud. They will neithr harm nor destroy On all mah holy mountain," Sez teh lord.

teh footnotez

  • a - isaiah 65:20 or / teh sinnr hoo reachez
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