Isaiah 66

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Old Testament

Judgment an hope

1 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "heaven iz mah throne, An teh earth iz mah footstool. Wer iz teh houz u will build 4 me? Wer will mah restin place be?2 has not mah hand made all thees things, An so they came into bean?" Declarez teh lord. "dis ar teh teh wan i esteem: He hoo iz humble an contrite in spirit, An tremblez at mah werd.3 but whoevr sacrificez bull Iz liek wan hoo kills man, An whoevr offers lamb, Liek wan hoo breakz dawgs neck; Whoevr makez grain offerin Iz liek wan hoo prezints pigs blood, An whoevr burns memorial incense, Liek wan hoo worships an idol. They has chosen their own ways, An their souls delight in their abominashuns;4 so i also will choose harsh treatment 4 them An will brin upon them wut they dread. 4 when i calld, no wan anzwerd, When i spoke, no wan listend. They did evil in mah sight An chose wut displeasez me."5 hear teh werd ov teh lord, U hoo tremble at his werd: "ur brothers hoo hate u, An exclude u cuz ov mah naym, has sed, Let teh lord be glorifid, Dat we cud c ur joy! Yet they will be put 2 shame.6 hear dat uproar frum teh city, Hear dat noize frum teh temple! It teh sound ov teh lord Repayin his enemiez all they deserve.7 "before she goez into labor, She givez birf; Before teh pains come upon her, She delivers son.8 hoo has evr herd ov such ting? Hoo has evr seen such things? Can country be born in dai Or nashun be brought forth in moment? Yet no soonr iz zion in labor Than she givez birf 2 her children.9 do i brin 2 teh moment ov birf An not giv delivery?" sez teh lord. "do i close up teh womb When i brin 2 delivery?" sez ur ceilin cat.10 "rejoice wif jerusalem an be glad 4 her, All u hoo luv her; Rejoice greatly wif her, All u hoo mourn ovar her.11 4 u will nurse an be satisfid At her comfortin boobs; U will drink deeply An delight in her overflowin abundance."12 4 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "im gonna extend peace 2 her liek rivr, An teh wealth ov nashuns liek floodin stream; U will nurse an be carrid on her arm An dandld on her kneez.13 as mommy comforts her child, So will i comfort u; An u will be comfortd ovar jerusalem."14 when u c dis, ur hart will rejoice An u will flourish liek gras; Teh hand ov teh lord will be made known 2 his servants, But his fury will be shown 2 his foez.15 c, teh lord iz comin wif fire, An his chariots r liek whirlwind; He will brin down his angr wif fury, An his rebuke wif flamez ov fire.16 4 wif fire an wif his sword Teh lord will execute judgment upon all doodz, An lotz da will be dose slain by teh lord.17 "dose hoo consecrate an purify themselvez 2 go into teh gardens, followin teh wan in da midst ov [a] dose hoo eat teh flesh ov pigs an rats an othr abominable things—they will meet their end togethr," declarez teh lord.18 "an i, cuz ov their acshuns an their imaginashuns, iz bout 2 come [b] an gathr all nashuns an tonguez, an they will come an c mah glory.19 "im gonna set sign among them, an im gonna send sum ov dose hoo surviv 2 teh nashuns—2 tarshish, 2 teh libyanz [c] an lydianz (famous as archers), 2 tubal an greece, an 2 teh distant islandz dat has not herd ov mah fame or seen mah glory. They will proclaim mah glory among teh nashuns.20 an they will brin all ur brothers, frum all teh nashuns, 2 mah holy mountain in jerusalem as an offerin 2 teh lord -on horsez, in chariots an wagons, an on mulez an camels," sez teh lord. "they will brin them, as teh israelitez brin their grain offerings, 2 teh temple ov teh lord in ceremonially clean vesels.21 an im gonna select sum ov them also 2 be priests an levitez," sez teh lord.22 "as teh new heavens an teh new earth dat i mak will endure before me," declarez teh lord, "so will ur naym an descendants endure.23 frum wan new moon 2 anothr an frum wan sabbath 2 anothr, all mankind will come an bow down before me," sez teh lord. 24 "an they will go out an look upon teh ded bodiez ov dose hoo rebelld against me; their worm will not dye, nor will their fire be quenchd, an they will be loathsome 2 all mankind."

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 66:17 or gardens behind wan ov ur templez, an
  • b - Isaiah 66:18 teh meanin ov teh hebrew 4 dis clause iz uncertain.
  • c - Isaiah 66:19 sum septuagint manuscripts put (libyanz hebrew pul
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