Jeremiah 18

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Old Testament
Goin 2 teh howse uv teh pottr

1 Jeremiah wuz get email and stuffs from da Ceiling Cat.2 Ceiling Cat sayz "Can't talk now but dez more info in dis potter's hosue".3 So Jeremiah go to potthose and potter is inside potter's house, workin' ur wheels.4 But the pot is all sticky and stuffs so he makes it better and stuff.

5 Then Jeremiah gets anuther emails from the Ceiling Cat.6 RE: Israel: Israel's like pottery and stuff.7 I can has destrukshon?8 But you can has no destrukshon if you act cool and stuff.9 And sometimes I can has new cities and cool stuffs.10 But if dey suck then dey get blasted, k?

11 P.S. I'm gonna blwo you up12 And I know ur gonna say who cares but dats ok.

13 So leik ask ur neighbors and stuff about dis other time I did some cool shit.

14 And dis is leik snow and water and stuff.

15 But leik, I'm lonely now cuz deez people dont burn things for me anymore dey just burn stuff for other stupid Invisible Men.

16 So I'm gonna get in there base and kill there d00ds.

17 And they gonna be all like "No wai that was luck" and I'll be all "Nah I meant to do that shit" and walk away all cool and shit.  ::END TRANSMISSION::

18 And de peeple say Pfff screenshots plz ur clearly just faking that email.

19 So den Jeremiah writes back to the Ceiling Cat...RE: RE: Israel: Yo did u hear that shit they sed?

20 Deyz gonna kill me cuz you smack talk too hard.

21 You gotta mess dem up, k?

22 I want to hear them QQ

23 So leik, do it quick before dey kill me.. P.S. they suck and you have powerups. k thx

Jeremiah 18
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