Jeremiah 19

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Old Testament

1 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "go an buy clay jar frum pottr. Taek along sum ov teh elders ov teh peeps an ov teh priests2 an go out 2 teh valley ov ben hinnom, near teh entrance ov teh potsherd gate. Thar proclaim teh werdz i tell u,3 an say, hear teh werd ov teh lord, u kings ov judah an peeps ov jerusalem. Dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty, teh ceilin cat ov israel, sez: listen! Im goin 2 brin disastr on dis place dat will mak teh ears ov evryone hoo hears ov it tingle.4 4 they has forsaken me an made dis place ov foreign godz; they has burnd incense in it 2 godz dat neithr they nor their ancestors nor teh kings ov judah evr knew, an they has filld dis place wif teh blood ov teh innosent.5 they has built teh high placez ov baal 2 burn their children in da fire as offerings 2 baal - somethin i did not command or menshun, nor did it entr mah mind.6 so beware, teh dais r comin, declarez teh lord, when peeps will no longr call dis place tofeth or teh valley ov ben hinnom, but teh valley ov slaughtr.7 " in dis place im gonna ruin [a] teh planz ov judah an jerusalem. Im gonna mak them fall by teh sword before their enemiez, at teh hanz ov dose hoo seek their livez, an im gonna giv their carcasez as fud 2 teh birdz an teh wild animals.8 im gonna devastate dis city an mak it an object ov horror an scorn; all hoo pas by will be appalld an will scoff cuz ov all itz woundz.9 im gonna mak them eat teh flesh ov their sons an daughters, an they will eat wan anothers flesh cuz their enemiez will pres teh siege so hard against them 2 destroy them.10 "den break teh jar while dose hoo go wif u r watchin,11 an say 2 them, dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty sez: im gonna smash dis nashun an dis city jus as dis potters jar iz smashd an cant be repaird. They will bury teh ded in tofeth til thar iz no moar room.12 dis ar teh wut im gonna do 2 dis place an 2 dose hoo liv her, declarez teh lord. Im gonna mak dis city liek tofeth.13 teh haus in jerusalem an dose ov teh kings ov judah will be defild liek dis place, tofeth—all teh haus wer they burnd incense on teh roofs 2 all teh starry hosts an pourd out drink offerings 2 othr godz. "14 jeremiah den returnd frum tofeth, wer teh lord had sent him 2 profesy, an stood in da court ov teh lordz temple an sed 2 all teh peeps,15 "dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty, teh ceilin cat ov israel, sez: listen! Im goin 2 brin on dis city an all teh villagez around it evry disastr i pronouncd against them, cuz they wuz stiff-neckd an wud not listen 2 mah werdz. "

Teh Footnote

  • a - Jeremiah 19:7 teh hebrew 4 ruin soundz liek teh hebrew 4 jar (c versez 1 an 10).
Jeremiah 19
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