Jeremiah 33

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Old Testament
Jeremiah 33
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Isaiah Lamentations Jeremiah 32 Jeremiah 34

1 Moarovr, Jeremiah wuz pattd on teh hed by teh paw uv Teh Ceiling Kitty secund tiem when he wuz in da court uv teh prison sayin,2 So sez Teh Ceiling Kitty hoo made Da Urfs;3 If U sez "Hey, Ceiling Kitty!", ai wil respond wif gr8 n hidden cheeseburgers y didntz no.

4 Dis iz wut Ceiling Cat saiz bout litter boxes in dis city an fancy litter boxes dat belongz too kingz uv Judah, dat all wuz tore down whilez fightin wif Chaldeans.5 Dey wil be filled wif dead kittehs dat maked me rilly rilly mad. Srsly. I caint even look at litter boxes cuz kittehs was so bad kittehs. 6 Hwvr I wil givez them mice catching bodies and lots of milk 4 helth. I wil makes my kittehs hurts go away. N lets them have lots of fluffy sofas and pillows in teh sun.

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