Jeremiah 39

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Old Testament

teh fall ov jeroosalem

1 thiz iz hao jeeroosalem waz taekn, srsly~!: in teh nynth yeer of zeedekyah king of jooder, in teh tenf munth, nebuchadnezzar king of babehlyon marched agenst jeerosalem with his hole army an layd seej to it, srsly. 2 an on teh nynth dae of the forth munth of zeedekyahs elevenf yeer, the sitty wall waz broken throo, srsly!. 3 then all the offishools of the king of Babehlyon caem and took seets in the middal gayt: nergal-sharezer ov samgar, nebo-sarsekim a cheef officor, nergal-sharezer a high offishool and all the other offishools ov the king of babehlyon. 4 Wen zeedekyah king of jooder an all teh soldjers sor them, they fled... srsly; they left the sityy at niet by wae ov the kings garden, throo teh gayt between the two walls, and headed toward the Arabah.

Jeremiah 39
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