Jeremiah 42

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Old Testament

1 All deh big army guyz liek Johanan nd Jezaniah went up to Jeremiah2 n they was all liek plz plz tell Ceiling Cat we iz so sorry3 n we do watevr he sez now ok.4 Jeremiah tol them all ok I talk to Ceiling Cat now5 n they say we promis we all gonna do what he sez now6 evn if we dont undrstnd y he sez it.

7 Ten days later Ceiling Cat tellz Jeremiah whatsup.8 So Jeremiah sez to Johanan nd all teh othr army guyz:9 Ceiling Cat got bak to me bout it10 nd he says u can liv here hes cool wit it11 nd if you live here dont wry about teh bad kittehz in Babylon, Ceiling Cat keepz them away12 nd itll be so cool.13 But if u don't wanna live here nd yu r all screw Ceiling Cat dis place sux14 nd you run away to Egypt wit teh pyrmids n mummiez n stuff15 Ceiling Cat wont like that16 nd he gonna tell the kittehz in Babylon wer u went to n also u get no food17 so stay here n dont go to Egypt kthx.

18 Srsly. Srsly, doodz, Ceiling Cat dont want u in Egypt.19 Nd he keeps repeatn hmslf bout it.20 But Ceiling Cat seez da futur21 nd he nos u gonna go to Egytp nyway22 so no cheezburger for u.

Jeremiah 42
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