Jeremiah 5

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Old Testament

1 "Go up an down teh streetz of jerusalem an look in all their bases to see if you can looks fr one good kitteh. If you findz one, I'll frgive teh city.2 Even though they sez, 'ai think ceiling cat is a pretty cool guy. srsly,' theyz lying."3 Ceiling cat, u want has truths, amirite? U spray them wit squirt bottle an they dun feel it. U gave them owchie them an they are liek still dun 'pologize. They jus get all serious face an nawt say srry.4 I has a thought, "They iz jus dumb cuz they dun has moneez, lol. They dun no teh ways of ceiling cat an what makes him go WANT"

Jeremiah 5
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