Joel 1

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Old Testament
Ceiling Cat tellded Joel about the Day of the Lord.

1 Ceiling Cat telded Joel who was maded by Pethul

Peepz r sad teh plants r ded

2 heer dis, old ppl.. Dis be Epic.3 Tellded ur babiez who tellded ur babiez babiez who tellded ur babiez babiez babiez.

4 all da plants r ded from bugz. NO WAI!5 All da alkehol ded too. OMG.

6 dem bugz r the strongerest and has big teef.7 All da graeps and fignwtns r gone! oh noes.

8 *cry*9 you cannot has cheezeburgers or cookies or anything! Srs. Not even for givin 2 Ceiling Cat.10 no more visable tree or greaps or oluvs or bukkits.

11 ur so sad, invzbul everything.12 invzbul everything maek u sad.13 no eats or drinkiez 2 give Ceiling Cat, that sux.14 Tell all teh d00dz no cheezburger for you!15 Ceiling Cat is watching you, and he is mad to you.

16 we run out of happy, all da foodz r ded.17 We planteded seedz and still no foodz.18 The moocows and sheeps want foodz.19 no more visible tree, leik lazerbeems fired at it pew pew pew and it burnd.20 All the lolcats has thirst.

Joel 1
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