Jonah 2

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Old Testament
Jonah cat is swallowed by the whale

1 Jonah prayd 2 Ceiling Cat from insid teh big fishs insids.2 And sed, "Becos I iz so verey distresd, I call 4 teh Ceiling Cat, and he hearz me. Evn from teh deep bad wet plaice I callz, and u hearz me.

3 4 u throws me into teh nasti water, and maik me wet all ovr, with yr waves and splashs."4 I sed, "Im out of yr site, lookng at yr holey tempel.5 Teh water all rownd me, maik me wet rite thru: Iv got weedz all rownd my hed.6 I sinkd down rite 2 mountans roots, I thinkng I iz trappd beneth earth 4ever, oh noes!: but you rescuse me aliv from teh hole, Ceiling Cat.

7 I iz going 2 die, oh noes!, but just tehn I remmembr teh Ceiling Cat: and I prays, 2 yr holey tempel.8 Iz wrng 2 fix clawz into wrng thingz, iz no cheezburgr for teh bad kitty.9 But now Im singng hapy songz; and I pay u bak 4 yr helps just liek I sez. Kitty-savng iz done by teh Ceiling Cat."

10 So tehn teh Ceiling Cat speke to big fish and it barf up Jonah on teh shor.

Jonah 2
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