Jonah 4

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Old Testament
edumacation by plant

1 Jonah gotted mad tho. He wuz lookin forwrd to seein teh Ninevites get pwnded an sayin "I told u so."2 He wuz liek "Ceiling Cat, u is nice.3 So plz kil me now kthnxbai."4 But Ceiling Cat wuz liek "DO NOT WANT!"

5 Jonah sitted down to see what happnd to teh citi.6 Ceiling Cat maded a plant gro, an teh shaed maded Jonah happi.7 But teh nekst mornin Ceiling Cat sended a worm an it eated teh plant.8 An Ceiling Cat maded teh sun shien so briet dat Jonah wantd to die agin.

9 Ceiling Cat wuz liek "Why for u iz mad about teh plant?" Jonah wuz liek "STFU, dat plant wuz makin me happi, u suk."10 Ceiling Cat wuz all "U caerz about teh plant evn tho u didint do ennithing for it an evn tho it wuz onli here for a dai.11 But teh citi of Niniveh haz lotz of peeplz n catz n stuff too. Shudnt I caer about it?"

Jonah 4
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