Joshua 1

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Old Testament
Ceiling Cat telz Joshua what 2 do

1 Moses wuz ded, an teh Cieling Cat sed, Oh hai Joshua.2 Mah bff Mosus is ded. :( Now u get ppl inna box an take em over teh Jordan an i give u land.3 Cuz Moses wuz all, i can has land? an i sed, YA RLY.4 U getz frum desrt 2 Lebanon, an frum Euphrates 2 grate See.5 No1 kin pwnz0rz joo. U n me is bffs liek Moses.

6 U is in deez pplz base, leadin em 2 promised land.7 U be all, I is strong. An I is currageous. Do alla that Lawzorz i give 2 Moses - on left, DO NOT WANT. An on rite, DO NOT WANT.8 U has book. b thinkin on teh book. An be all, I kin do alla that LOL1! Then u can has cheezburger.9 Dint i say so? U be strong. U be curragous. Dont be all, OH NOES cuz i gotchoo kthxbye."

10 An Joshua sed, LOL!11 Hey everbuddy! Ceiling Cat sez, we can has land!

12 But u Reubenite guyz n u guyz frm Gad n u half-guyz frum Mannasseh,13 Rmember we gotsta doo what Moses sed 2 do: Ceiling Cat made u sum rest n sum land, an dint eated it.14 Ur wifes n chillens getsta stay in ur land from Moses, but u guyz gotsta set up us teh bomb!15 When u dun we kin all play 2gether kk?

16 N they sed, kk.17 We followz u liek we followzed Moses. But we hopes u is bffs wit teh Cieling Cat liek Moses.18 If deys try to pewpew yous, den we kiel himz, woots Joshua!

Joshua 1
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