Joshua 17

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Old Testament

1 Dere wuz stuffs for teh tribe ov Manasseh; he wuz teh firstborn ov Joseph; for Machir teh firstborn ov Manasseh, teh father ov Gilead: cuz he was a warkitteh, therefore he had Gilead an Bashan.2 dere was also a lotry for teh rest ov teh kittehs ov Manasseh by their families; for teh kittehs ov Abiezer, an for teh kittehs ov Helek, an for teh kittehs ov Asriel, an for teh kittehs ov Shechem, an for teh kittehs ov Hepher, an for teh kittehs ov Shemida: these were teh male kittehs ov Manasseh teh son ov Joseph by their families srsly.

3 But Zelophehad, teh son ov Hepher, teh son ov Gilead, teh son ov Machir, teh son ov Manasseh, had no sons, but dorters: an dese are teh names ov hiz dorters, Mahlah, an Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, an Tirzah.4 an they came near before Eleazar teh priest, an before Joshua teh son ov Nun, an before teh princes, an sai, Ceilingcat commaned Moses to give us stuffs too. So Ceilingcat gaev dem an inheritance among teh brethren ov their father.5 an He gaev ten portions to Manasseh, beside teh lan ov Gilead an Bashan, which were on teh other side Jordan;6 cuz teh dorters ov Manasseh gots stuff too: an teh rest ov Manasseh’s sons had teh lan ov Gilead.

7 an teh coast ov Manasseh wuz frum Asher to Michmethah, that lieth before Shechem; an teh border went along on teh right han unto teh kittehs ov En-tappuah.8 nao Manasseh had teh lan ov Tappuah: but Tappuah on teh border ov Manasseh belonged to teh kittehs ov Ephraim;9 an teh coast went down to teh river Kanah, southward ov teh river: dese cities ov Ephraim are among teh cities ov Manasseh: teh coast ov Manasseh also was on teh north side ov teh river, an teh outgoings ov it were at teh sea:10 Soufward it was Ephraim’s, an northward it was Manasseh’s, an teh sea is hiz border; an they met together in Asher on teh north, an in Issachar on teh east.11 an Manasseh had in Issachar an in Asher Beth-shean an her towns, an Ibleam an her towns, an teh kittehs ov Dor an her towns, an teh kittehs ov Endor an her towns, an teh kittehs ov Taanach an her towns, an teh kittehs ov Megiddo an her towns, even three countries.12 Yet teh kittehs ov Manasseh could not drive out teh kittehs ov those cities; but teh Canaanites would dwell in that lan.13 Buts when teh kittehs ov Israel got strong an stuff, dey maed teh Canaanites pay dem fuds and stuff; but did not utterly drive them out.14 an teh kittehs ov Joseph sai to Joshua, saying, Why can we haz onli one lot, cuz we are grate kittehs yay, as teh Ceilingcat hath blessed us srsly?15 an Joshua answered them, If ur grate kittehs, then go to teh wood country, an clear it dere in teh lan ov teh Perizzites an ov teh giants, if mount Ephraim be too small pew pew.16 an teh kittehs ov Joseph said, teh hill is not enuff for us: an all teh Canaanites that dwell in teh lan ov teh valley haz kittehcarts ov iron, both dey who are ov Beth-shean an her towns, an dey who are ov teh valley ov Jezreel.17 an Joshua sai to Joseph kittehs, an to Ephraim an to Manasseh, Thou art a great people, an hast great power: thou shalt not haz one lot only:18 But u can haz teh mouwntans; for it is a wood, an u can cuts it down: an teh outgoings ov it is urs too: for u shalt drive out teh Canaanites, though dey haz iron kittehcarts, an though dey be strong and stuff yay.

Joshua 17
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