Joshua 22

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Old Testament

1 An den joshoo summond teh roobinitz, gaditz and harf teh manazzazazazz (gud guyz), an sed,2 'u did wot i sedz wif de mosez stuff,3 u bin gud to ur maetz, an dun gud bi de Ceiling Cat,4 so Ceiling Cat sez u can snooz now. go hoem to teh bedz wot mosez gayv u, on dother sied of teh jordan (wif de boobs).5 but keep teh respek for mosez an Ceiling Cat!'6 so dey went.

7 (But joshoo had dun confusin stuff with harf teh menzazazazzaz gettin wun place an dother harf gettin nutha.8 anyway he told em to taek lotz of nice stuff with dem, and to share teh booty,9 so all teh guyz went home, and sum place got broke from izrayl coz Ceiling Cat gayv it to dese gud guyz.)

10 Wen dese guyz fownd tis place, dey bilt sum big taybl fing for Ceiling Cat.11 but wen de izrayl guyz herd bout dis dey wernt happy12 and wantd a fiet.

13 Teh guyz hu wantd a fiet, sent dere best fitin guyz14 from evrywhere in izrayl15 to teh gud guyz hu respektd Ceiling Cat.16 an teh fitin guyz sed 'wtf?? yur respektin teh wrong Ceiling Cat!!17 u cauzd nuff trubble alredi!18 if u dont bild teh big taybl fing for the riet Ceiling Cat, we are all in der shit.

19 Cum over to our harf of dis place, be gud, an respek teh riet Ceiling Cat.20 or we will get u liek dat other guy wot liekd teh wrong Ceiling Cat. grrr!'

21 But teh gud guyz sed22 'but we like our Ceiling Cat!23 we aint sayin sorry.24 we no we like teh riet wun25 cuz he gayv us dis place on dis sied of teh jordan (wif de boobs) to keep u away!26 so we bilt dis taybl fing for respektin our Ceiling Cat27 so u no we like teh riet wun, cuz we dunt kill stuff on it (liek u do)28 an wen ur kidz say to us 'no u dont', we can show dem teh taybl fing.29 we dont want no trubble'.

30 Luckily teh fitin guyz liked wot teh gud guyz sed.31 e sed 'o. we do like teh same Ceiling Car after all! u aint dun anyfing wrong'.

32 So teh fitin guyz went hoem33 an teh izrayl guyz were all happy, dint want to fiet teh gud guyz anymore, an respekted teh wun an only Ceiling Cat.34 an teh gud guyz calld dis taybl fing 'witnes' cuz it showd evrywun dat Ceiling Cat is Ceiling Cat. Srsly.

Joshua 22
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