Judges 14

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Old Testament
Samson gets mareid

1 Samson he goes to timnath and den he seez dis philistine ladie 2 Den he sez mom, dad, i want her be my wife, k? 3 they iz all like y u no want wife from r famleez? Samson sez no want. 4 Samsons dad and mom thowt Ceiling Cat did not want but they wrong cuz Ceiling Cat had plan 5 den samson went to timnath but ran into woolf! SCARY! 6 Ceiling Cat make Samson SOOPERSTRONG and samson sharded teh woolf but he no tell his momy what he did 7 den he found teh woman and said Hai! he liked her 8 latr he saw teh ded woolf agan and der was beez and hunny in teh ded baadee. 9 he take honey and noms and give sum fer mom and dad to nom but did no tell dem wear he got 10 den samson maid BIG cookie for evryone 11 and thirty kittehs nomed teh cookie 12 samson sez ai haz a riddle! giv cheezburgerz to anybodee gues anser! 13 but if no gues u gives me cheezburgers! dey asq what riddle is? 14 samson sez Out teh eater caem meat, out the strong came sweetness dey cud no figur riddle cuz wuz bad riddle 15 dey cud no figur so dey sey to samsons wief if u no tell us answr we give u baths! 16 she haz a sad and asqs samson wut answr? but he sez I no tell u! 17 she haz a bigger sad so he tellz her den she tellz de oters 18 and dey sez to samson Wut sweetr den hunny? And wut stronger den woolf? and samson sed u wud not hav got if u no ask wife! u cheet! 19 so Ceiling Cat made samson SOOPERSTRONG and he pwnd sum noobs so he cud pay teh cheezburgers he ode 20 but he wuz mad at wief cuz she told answr so her daddyz was liek i gaev her to samsons frend

Judges 14
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