Judges 18

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Old Testament

1 So liek, bak den, der wuz no ledur in duh izrael, and duh trayb of dan wanted moar room, cuz duh izrael ppls didnt give them enuff.2 And den the trayb of dan sended five d00ds (liek, epic ones, mmkay? Dese d00ds wur teh EPIC) from teh zorah an eshtaol 2 liek be sneeky in teh land, so dey goed 2 teh Micahs House, liek in teh ephraim country.3 So dey getted 2 da Micahs House, an dey wuz liek bffs wit teh levite d00d, so dey wur liek, WASSUP MAN?? HOW YA BEEN?? Y U HEAR?? HOO DUN DIS??.4 So da levite d00d wuz liek MICAH DA MAN! HE DUN DIS!! IM TEH PREIST D00D 4 HIM!!.5 So da epic d00ds wuz all, ask Ceiling Cat if we gunna get cheezburgers n be all rich, mmkay?6 So duh levite d00d wuz all, follow da Happy Cat.

Judges 18
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