Leviticus 12

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling Cat sez to Moses,

2 Tell all teh kittehs: aftr a momma cat maeks kitnz, if its boy kitteh she hasta stay in cat-box for sevn dayz.3 Eight days aftr kitteh coems out, snip teh harbl liek I showd u.4 And momma cat cant go in hous of Ceiling Cat for a hole forty dayz aftr it coems out.

5 But if its girl kitteh, den she has to stay in cat-box two wks and cant go in hous for more days. Liek sixty-six lol!

6 Eithir way, wen she coems in hous aftr, maek sur she bringz lam chops oh n bring a pidgin too.7 An when she offurz dem to Ceiling Cat den she be aloud in hous.8 If no lamb chops to bring den she can bring extra pidgins nstead kthx.

Leviticus 12
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