Leviticus 2

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Old Testament
Moar cheezeburgerz, hold teh burnt plz, kthx

1 U bringin teh cheezburgerz for us - um, the Ceiling Cat I meen? O kewlthx. It bettr b a good cheezburgerz, hot n' fresh n' greezy and not smelling liek ass, or u in big trubble! Srsly, I kepe tellen u.2 Have we menchund how much we luv - oh, I meen Ceiling Cat, lurvs teh cheezburgerz?3 Oh, u guys ken have sum too. I'm cool liek taht u know.

4 Maek shoor u do it rite. Twoo all-beff pattehs,5 Speshul sawce,6 Lettiss,7 Cheez,8 Pikkuls,9 Onyuns,10 On teh sessum-seed bunz. Yahs, I kno wuts gud.

11 DO NOT WANT teh yeests! Or hunny! Leeve taht crap for teh Pooh-bear. We - oopies - Ceiling Cat dont liek thems.12 But dont be grillin teh good ornjes an nanners an appulz, we can jus has them raw.13 BLECH. Pass teh lost shaker of salt, teh cheezburger of paradice is bland. This am sorta lame buffett.

14 Hey, I no! Bring the Duritos Kewl Ranch, for to eet wif r burgerz n fr00tz.15 Moar of teh speshul sawce for mine, plzkthx.16 And bern a littul of it wif teh josstickz, jes to B spooky n weerd, so's teh ppls bring us moar f00dz or else Ceiling Cat give them teh hurpeez ha ha, kthx. Put teh leffovers in teh fridge, for we can has later.

Leviticus 2
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