Luke 22

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New Testament

Judaz iz jerk (ro mybe pwned by Basement Cat)

1 Teh pheast of da unleavened breadz was approaching.2 Teh number-1 priest kittehs and da teacherz of laws was lookin to get ridz of Happycat.3 Basement Cat enters Judaz (aka Iscariot) who wuz one of teh 12 folers uf Happycat.4 Judaz goes and meats the templez guards and officres bout givin dem Happycat to put to sleeps!oh no! (iz 'cause Judaz iz jerk).5 They r delighteds and promies to give him phat l00t.6 Judaz agrees, sez kthanxbie, and weights til Happycat can be caught wen he like no expect nothing to hapenz and they beez all like whatcha and takes him wit out crouds nearbie.

teh lastz cheezburger meelz

7 So iz day uf eats flat cheezburger on Pazovr waer lil lamses be killed.8 Happycat wuz to Paul an Peter go makes uz teh cheezburgers for the dinners, kthx.9 teyz iz like waerz you wants uz to make teh cheezburger?10 Happycat sez wen yooz getz to town guy wit boul uf waterz will say O, hai! tos yoo, srsly. yoo shuld tagz along to home hiz enters.11 yous guyz shld sez to duh howz owner, teh teecher azk where bed plase for lonely street kitteh to haz hiz cheezburgers wit frends?12 He taek yous up to room, wich is srsly hueg an bigs an stufs and wit chairz and tabels, lol. yooz guyz make cheezburgers there.13 Teyz leev and wuz like OMG evryting iz jus like Happycat sez! Then tey starts make cheezburger for pazovr14 When teh tiem come Happycat an teh oters wuz chillin at teh tablz, lol15 happycat was sez tat he wanted to haev tis cheezburgers bufor he wuz sposed to be taken to teh betrinarein (except he no come back afur vizit).16 Cuz tis iz teh las tiem i be eaten tis cheezburgers bufor it maek tru stuff in books by Ceiling Cat in Ceiling Cat's Ceiling.17 afur takin teh cuppy ting an sed, "taek dis an shares it, srsly, no can has all.18 Dis is teh las tiem i be drinkin teh joos uh teh tinie rown purbl tings on teh vine til it maek tru stuff in books by Ceiling Cat in Ceiling Cat's Ceiling.19 He took teh cheezburger buns, sed kthx and rip it. he giev to dem an sed, "taek dis an eats it, dis my bodies, srsly, i meens it, yeah rly; eats it and tink uf me latur. }}

Luke 22
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