Matthew 11

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New Testament

Jebus and John teh Washerer

1 And it did coems to liek pass, when Jesus had liek maded a end of telling his 12 peeps who really liekd him, he went liek left so that he can learn and preahces in teir places of many people.2 Now when liek John had hearded in teh place where u go if u liek preak teh rules, and ai mean really break em in teah works of Christ, he sended two of him disciples through teh ineternets,3 And say to his, is u he that is to come, or does we sees another?4 Jeus answered him and liek say to his, Go and show John more of teh tings you've seen and heard:5 Teh no seeing gets some seeing, and teh no walk get walk, teah nasty, come clean, and teh no hear hear, teh no live come live, and teh poor have teh gospel preached to tem.6 And goodly good in life are he, who will not be offended in my.7 And as tey leaved, Jesus begun ta sez to teh many worring bout John, Wat gone yuz out into teh wildy to see? sees, tey tat were nice softly soft clothing are in head royal ppls hoze.8 But wat goned yu oust fur to see? A good guy that sez da truf? Yes, ai sez to yuz, and more tan a profat.9 But wat goned u oust fur too see? Yessum. A Seercat. Yes. ai saz to yuz, and more tan a Profat.10 Fur dis are him, of who'd it r wroted. Looki, ai sent my meszage guy in ur face, I'll put yur idea nfront of yuz.11 Importantly ai saz to u, wif teh kittehs of normaled woman wil raiz a great cat John teh Washerer : teh guy dat lowerest in teh kingdom of Ceiling. Srsly12 Teh Kingdom of Ceiling has alwayz been gettin more Cheezburgerz and liek more land to grow teh Cheezburger treez and Catz help dem wif out question. Srsly13 Fur all of teh liek impertantz ppl all liek saz stufz to John and teh Sazer ppl. Srsly.14 Plus liek if yur liek wilding to liek accepted it, him is liek teh Elikhat.15 Him who haz liek earz let he liek hera.16 But wat liek ai shuld comparz dis genration? Dey are all liek kittehs in liek teh feed buy place. Srsly17 We liek gived yu teh awesome music from teh flutz (Srsly) but liek yu not danced srlsy; we sang a sad sung and liek yu not run out of happy.18 Fur liek John no liek come eatin or liek no drinkin, them liek sez "Him are a cat wif no fur" Srsly19 The guy kitteh caem drinkin liek milk and liek eatin cheezburgerz, and them sez "Lookey here, fatcat and him liek a drink milk to much, a budy of teh cheezburgerz taker, and invisible error doer" But teh smartness is showed by she acxion. Srsly

No more happy for teh no admit cities

20 Then Jebus begin to liek say cities were him do miriclez cuz liek dey no admit der invisible errors. Srsly21 "No happy to yu Korazin! No happy to yu Bethesda! If the mirclez had be did in liek Tyre and Sidon, they'd aks furgivins many time ago srsly in food sacks and ashs'. srsly22 But ai sez to yu, it bez much liek easierz for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judes. srsly.23 And yu Capernum will be moved to teh skies? Yu will go down to teh depfs.Srsly. If teh mirclz that wer purformz n yu were been purformz in sodom, it still be here till this day. Srlsy.24 But ai sez yu dat are be more easier to be endurded for Sodom on teh day of juges dan fur yu. Srsly.

Sleep for teh Tiredz

25 At the time Jebus saz, "Ai praized yu, Father lords of teh Ceiling and Urf, cuz yu have hidded dese things from teh wize and learnered, and showed dem to teh kittehs.26 Yes Dad, this was gewd timez.

27 "All things has be done to me by mah fasha. Nobody knows teh Son except teh Fasha, and nobody knows teh Father cept teh Son and dose who teh Son shows he. 28 "Comed to me, all yu who is tiredz and hurted, and ai shall gived yu sleepz.29 Taked mai good onto you and learnz from me, for Iz gentle and calmed in teh heart, Srsly and you will find sleepz for yur solez.30 For mai good are easy and mai hard times are light. Srsly"

Matthew 11
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