Numbers 34

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Old Testament
Numbers 34
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Leviticus Deuteronomy Numbers 33 Numbers 35

1 And Ceiling Cat sez to Moses

2 Comand teh kitens of Israel and say to dem. Wen yuz cum to teh land of Canaan. Wich, by teh way, is teh land dats ur ineritans. Srsly. Even teh seaz and stufz.

3 Den ur souf bit wil b from teh forast of Zin. Long teh coast of Edom. Ur edg wil b teh outa seaz. Srsly. Teh unes 2 da est.

4 And teh edg wil go awayz from teh souf. 2 the plase weres Akrabbim goed up. And den, shal go on2 Zin. Srsly.

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