Numbers 4

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling Cat sez to Mozes an Aron,2 "I can has cownt ov d00dz in Kohafiet branch?3 Plz to cownt oldr d00dz hu scraches teh meeting sofa."

4 "Dem maeks sure mai stuf iz okae.5 Wen teh camp moovz, like to teh stor or sumfing,6 Aron can has doing sum stuf wif teh clofz an put up teh scraching posts. Reeds teh instruxns.7 Put sum speshel snax an sum noarmel snax on a tabul.8 An covar it up. Is liek a snax tent! Srsly.9 Also to bringing sum stufs liek lazur poyners an flashliet, mebbes sum stufs wut ramoovs teh oadars.10 I can haz all dem stufs in a bag?11 Yu set up snax tent on fansee sofa. Kthx12 Tehy will bringd things wut go gud wif cheezburgers, an dem neez a bloo clofz.13 Put all dem burnted stufs in a purpel clofz. Culerfel clofz is rilly impoardent, soooo srs.14 Doant fergit wut yu nead fer maek cheezburgr: kachip, cheez, foarks, spachila, an wutnot. Plz shud to rapt in lether.15 Wen Aaron an all his kittehs finishing to maekd a scraching posts, than dey go way now kbye! O hai is a Kohafiet kittehs! OICU Kohafiet kittehs, doant tuch my stufs else u wud die! LOL! Jes moov wuts in a snax tent.

16 Eleazar is Aarons kitteh an he is ur boss in teh tabby-nackel. Srsly. He hav all teh stufs.

17 Than Ceiling Cat sez to Mozes an Aaron, he sez:"O NOEZ! DO NOT WANT teh Kohafiet kittehs to be ded! If u r in my cheezburgers, tuching my hoaly shitz, then u wud die. SRSLY SO SRS! No tutches!!!!11!

Numbers 4
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