Numbers 9

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Old Testament
Teh pasovr

1 Celine cat spoke 2 mosez in da desert ov sinai in da furst month ov teh second yer aftr they came out ov egypt. He sed,2 "has teh israelitez celebrate teh pasovr at teh appointd tiem.3 celebrate it at teh appointd tiem, at twilight on teh fourteenth dai ov dis month, in accordance wif all itz rulez an regulashuns."4 so mosez told teh israelitez 2 celebrate teh pasovr,5 an they did so in da desert ov sinai at twilight on teh fourteenth dai ov teh furst month. Teh israelitez did evrythin jus as teh lord commandd mosez.6 but sum ov them cud not celebrate teh pasovr on dat dai cuz they wuz ceremonially unclean on akownt ov ded body. So they came 2 mosez an aaron dat same dai7 an sed 2 mosez, "we has become unclean cuz ov ded body, but y shud we be kept frum presentin teh lordz offerin wif teh othr israelitez at teh appointd tiem?"8 mosez anzwerd them, "wait til i find out wut teh lord commandz concernin u."9 den teh lord sed 2 mosez,10 "tell teh israelitez: when any ov u or ur descendants r unclean cuz ov ded body or r away on journey, they r still 2 celebrate teh lordz pasovr,11 but they r 2 do it on teh fourteenth dai ov teh second month at twilight. They r 2 eat teh lamb, togethr wif unleavend bread an bittr herbs.12 they must not leef any ov it till mornin or break any ov itz bonez. When they celebrate teh pasovr, they must follow all teh regulashuns.13 but if anyone hoo iz ceremonially clean an not on journey fails 2 celebrate teh pasovr, they must be cut off frum their peeps 4 not presentin teh lordz offerin at teh appointd tiem. They will bear teh consequencez ov their sin.14 " a foreignr residin among u iz also 2 celebrate teh lordz pasovr in accordance wif itz rulez an regulashuns. U must has teh same regulashuns 4 both teh foreignr an teh nativ-born. "

Teh cloud aboov teh tabernacle

15 on teh dai teh tabernacle, teh tent ov teh covenant law, wuz set up, teh cloud coverd it. Frum evenin till mornin teh cloud aboov teh tabernacle lookd liek fire.16 dat iz how it continud 2 be; teh cloud coverd it, an at nite it lookd liek fire.17 whenevr teh cloud liftd frum aboov teh tent, teh israelitez set out; wherevr teh cloud settld, teh israelitez encampd.18 at teh lordz command teh israelitez set out, an at his command they encampd. As long as teh cloud stayd ovar teh tabernacle, they remaind in camp.19 when teh cloud remaind ovar teh tabernacle long tiem, teh israelitez obeyd teh lordz ordr an did not set out.20 sometimez teh cloud wuz ovar teh tabernacle only few dais; at teh lordz command they wud encamp, an den at his command they wud set out.21 sometimez teh cloud stayd only frum evenin till mornin, an when it liftd in da mornin, they set out. Whethr by dai or by nite, whenevr teh cloud liftd, they set out.22 whethr teh cloud stayd ovar teh tabernacle 4 2 dais or month or yer, teh israelitez wud remain in camp an not set out; but when it liftd, they wud set out.23 at teh lordz command they encampd, an at teh lordz command they set out. They obeyd teh lordz ordr, in accordance wif his command thru mo

Numbers 9
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