Philippians 4

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New Testament

1 Hai mai kittehs dat ai luvs, mai sunbeamz! In dis way stai firm in teh Bigcat.2 Plz Meowdia and Hissykey plai nice togethr.3 All yuz kittehs, plz help dem. Deyz fot for de gospel wif me. An wif Cwement an other kittehs who will has cheezburger.

4 Purr for Bigcat. Allwais. Dont jus purr, jump!!11! (Srsly. But not too srsly.)5 Show all kittehs yr gentle. Ceiling Cat comin soon.6 Dont wory. Asks an thanks Ceiling Cat for stufs.7 An de Ceiling Cat b chillin. An dis chillin will b lyk NO WAI to aneething that wanna hurt yr feelin and thinkin. Dem gonna stai in Jebus. Srsly.

8 Thinks on stufz dat makez yuz gud kittehs. Stuf dat peeps praizs yuz fors.9 Wot ai tots yuz, an yuz seen in me, do dat. Den Chillin Ceilin Cat b wif yuz.

10 Ai purrd an rund aroun da room wen yuz gave me more cookie. Srsly. Yuz wanted to gives me cookie before but yuz culdnt.11 Not dat ai wants cookie, cuz ai haz larnd to purr even wifout cookie.12 Even wif tiny tiny cookie ai purrz. Or wif great monster cookie ai stillz purrs.13 Ai can be doin any tingzes wif Ceiling Cat dat be givin me dem strengthez.14 So even tho ai cans purrs wifout cookie, yuz good kittehs to share cookie wif me wen ai gots none.

15 Yuz Phillipikittehs know dat wen ai left yr howse, yuz waz de only onez dat gaved me cookie.16 Yuz evn sent cookie to me in teh salon ai kah.17 Cookie itself DO NOT WANT. Want yuz grows, from giving cookiez.18 Skimbleshanks gave me lotz of cookiez from yuz. An ai gotz dem. Tks. Ceiling Cat cans smell when kittehs does nice tingz laik dat. Dis make Ceiling Cat happy.19 Cuz yuz iz in Jebus, Ceiling Cat will givz yuz all stufz yuz needz. Cuz he gots lotz of stufz in his sunbeams.20 Looks at Ceiling Cats sunbeams. Always. Srsly.

21 Sai O Hai to all Phillipikittehs. Mai kittehs say O Hai also.22 Speshly Seezurs kittehs.23 May the gudness of Bigcat Jebus be in yuz.

Philippians 4
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