Proverbs 19

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Old Testament

1 Bettr 2 be innascent but cant haz cheezburger thn 2 be a Laiying n00b, srsly

2 a kitteh who duzzent haz nollege iz a bad kitteh, a kitteh who iz ina hurrei will get dey bukkit stoled

3 but stewpid kitteh go bad and then try and blame it on Ceiling Cat. Srsly, wtf?

4 Da kitteh wit da ka-ching is not a n00b, he has homies but da kitteh widowt da kah-ching has no homies, srsly

5 Da kitteh wat tellz liez will get in trubbelz wif ceiling cat an will get loked in kittehbox wif no cheezburgerz - srsly

6 if yuz want de dOOd hoo rulz to liekz yu den yu must giv him lotz of cheezburgerz - an if yu is giving away lotz of cheezburgerz den yu will have lotz of frendz

7 If yu haz no cheezburgerz den nobodi iz liking yu even wen yu iz asking dem to be frendz

8 if yu iz getin wizdum and iz luvin yurselfs den yu is getting reward of cheezburger

9 if yu iz telling liez yu iz makin ceiling cat angry and yuz will be in trubbelz - if yu iz olwayz telling liez den yu will dye!

10 if yu iz a silly kitteh den yu must not have lotz of cheezburgerz an liv in posh kitteh howse - if u iz a slave den yu must not have powerz or be rOOlin nebodiz

11 a kitteh wif wizdum will haz payshunse - if oder kitteh do bad tingz to him an he be nise to bad kitteh den wizdum kitteh get cheezburger az rewardz! srsly

12 dOOd hoo is king get angry an rawr liek big strong lion an wen he be nice he be not hurting a fly doe he be chasing it cauz dat b wat kittehz do

13 if yu haz childrun hoo be olwayz fiteing wif yu den dey will make yu looz all yur cheezburgerz an if yu haz wief hoo be olwayz annoyin yu den yu lives wif olwayz bad hedakes

14 yu cn get lotz of cheezburgerz an toyz from yur muder an fader but if yu meetz a nise lady kitteh who is lieking yu too and is agreeing to b yur wief den yu no she comz from ceiling cat

15 lazy kittehz will be falling asweeps an will never get no cheezburgerz

16 obey ceiling cat an be gud kitteh an yu will hav nise lief but if yu is bad ebil kitteh den I be maykin yu ded!

17 if yu iz givin sum of yur cheezburgerz to doez hoo is having nun den ceiling cat be rewarding yuz wif even moar cheezburgerz

Proverbs 19
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