Proverbs 20

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Old Testament
Proverbs 20
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Psalms Ecclesiastes Proverbs 19 Proverbs 21

1 If u b drinkin the drinkies in teh big glass bottuls, u iz stoopid.

2 If u maked teh king angry, he will pwn u.

3 Clever kitteh does not wants shoutin and fightin.

4 If u asks for cheezburger at wrong times, u cans have no cheezburger. Oh noes!

5 Clever kitteh seez wai teh othur kitteh iz doin wut he is doin.

6 Lotsa kittehs r laik "I b faithful". But I cans find no faithful kitteh. WAI?!?!?!

7 Gud kitteh has gud life, his babies r gud too.

8 Wen teh king iz in his throne, judging teh peepul, he seez hu is gud and bad.

9 Hu can sai "I iz gud"? HU?!?!?!

10 If u iz sayin that u iz 3 heavy, and i iz sayin that it iz 4, Ceiling Cat iz angry wif us.

11 Peepul seez even if baby kitteh is gud or bad.

12 Ceiling Cat maded ur eyeses nd ur earses. Srsly.

13 If u sleeps all day in teh comfy cushun, u cans get no cheezburger.

14 A kitteh buyed sumfink nd wuz laik "Is no gud!". Ltr, he iz laik "Yay!". ROFLMAO.

15 Ther iz lotsa pretty shiny fings, but not so many kittehs wu speek teh trufs.

16 If sumwun luks after a foreigner, u cans take his coat. But if he dus it for a funny lady, u cans luk after it.

17 If u steel teh cheezburger it cans taste yummy, but teh cheezburger will be maded of rocks.

18 Wen ur decidin wut 2 do, ask ur frends. Wen u wants 2 pwn sumwun, ask ur frends too.

19 If a kitteh talks all teh times, he is silly. So don't talk to him.

20 If a kitteh is rood to his mummy or daddy, Ceiling Cat will take his batturies out.

21 If sumwun gives u too much monies, it will not be so gud wen its gon.

22 Don't sai "I will pwn u coz u were mean to me". If u waits, Ceiling Cat will save u.

23 If u cheet wen u measur ur things, Ceiling Cat doesn't laik u.

24 Ceiling Cat tells u wut to do. How cans sumwun know wut they will do?!?!?!

25 Is not gud, wen sumwun is laik "O my Ceiling Cat" and they don'ts mean it.

26 A gud king pwns teh bad peepul.

27 Ceiling Cat seez inside evrywun. Even teh gooey bits. Srsly.

28 If teh peepul luvs teh king, he wills b safe nd happy.

29 For yung kittehs, is gud to b strong. But old kittehs is gud to be old.

30 Sumtimes, pwnin peepul makes them gud.

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