Proverbs 4

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Old Testament

Wisdom Is Teh 1337

1 Lissen to me and do wat yuz iz told srsly.
payz atenzion and gets teh cheezburgr!!

2 I givs yu teh nollege of how yu will getz teh cheezburgerz so pay attenshuns

3 Wen I was a bebeh and I waz living in dteh hawse of my papakitteh an did not hav no bruders or sistas

4 pappakiteh teeched meh to lissen to him an do wat i waz told

5 U can has wizdom??
payz atenshuns srsly

6 nevr forgets teh nollege an wat yu iz lerning it make yu gud kitteh

7 Wizdom is teh 1337; so getz some, even if yu must giv ur cheesburgr for it! Srsly!!

8 respeck da wizdum and yu b happie kitteh - kthx

9 She wil getz you invisable bike!
and other new kittah toyz!

10 listen kittah, Srsly...
and you will live long times

11 Celing Cat will leeds teh kittah strait

12 Wen teh kitteh walks, he wont tripz
When kitteh runz, he wont fallz

13 Get teh grasps on these 1337 wordz
hide dem in bucket, so yu can keeps dem olwayz!!

14 Dontz follow teh dark kittah side!
or walkz like teh bad n00bz! Do not want!!!1!

15 runs away fast frm de bad kittehs an follow de ceiling cat!

16 Dey not sleep till dey do bad tings - dat make dem tyrd (do not want)

17 Dey hav not cheezburgers onlee breadz of wikedness so dey b olways hungree and bOOz dat giv dem bad ebil hang ovrs!(DO NOT WANT!!!!)

18 Good kitteh wauk in de sunshyn!

19 Bad ebil kitteh wauk in de dark an be olwayz faling down

20 Pay attenshuns to dis - kthx;

21 and keep deez wurdz olwayz in yur buket so yu not looz dem

22 for dey mak yu happie kitteh - srsly

23 be cairfuls hoo yu luvs

24 Don say bad fings - dey make ceiling cat cry

25 look where yu is walking!

26 don clym de mountens dey mak yu tyrd cat, don walk on de ise it mak yur paws cold an brake an den yu fall into de waters (DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!)

27 ohter pthz do not want dey be ebil srsly!!!!!!

Proverbs 4
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