Proverbs 7

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Old Testament
Wach owt 4 Bad Womn (Not Waif)

1 D00d do whut I sez.

2 Do wut I's say and liv. Respeck mai rulz.

3 Teh rulzorz gots ta be part of u.

4 An mayk shore u kno lots of stuf.

5 Nowing lotsa stuff kepes you owta trubil.

6 Ai remmber tihs wun time,

7 I lookded at alla teh ppl, and wuz liek, taht guy duznt know nuthin, srsly.

8 An he wuz walkin nere some ho's howse,

9 An wuz dark.

10 An teh ho came up to him, dresd all slutty.

11 She dint liek to stay home, srsly.

12 She wuz alwais goin owt.

13 An she wuz all liek smoochies on tihs guiy.

14 She sed she dun sum stuf.

15 An she sez, "I fownded u!

16 I haz got lots o bright linens an stuff

17 I haz sprinkled it with catzipz too.

18 Secks me up all night long, j00.

19 Mah husbnds awai.

20 Tookd allota moneis wit him, an wont be bak foh ages."

21 An he wuz liek, OK!

22 An he wented wiht her.

23 But he dint no wut waz gon hapin.

24 So lissin up, d00ds.

25 Stai awai from hos, speshly this wun.

26 Lotta bad tings cud hapenn.

27 Cuz she has syphilis.

Proverbs 7
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