Revelation 18

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New Testament

1 Then anothr hovr d00d comed down. He wuz shini.2 He wuz liek "Babylon haz fallend n she iz full of evil spiritz.3 She wuz so sexi she gotted evribodi drunk.

4 N anothr d00d in heavn sez "Evribodi out of Bablyon plz."5 She iz in trubbl.6 N paybak will b dubble wat she didz 2 u guyz. mwahahahaha!7 She'z in her hart, makin her boasts.8 Ceiling Cat will maek her veri sick n set her on fier.

9 All teh kingz who had harblez wif her will be all sad.10 Dey will be liek "O noes!"11 N evribodi who solded her nice stuffz will be sad, bcz she spended lotz of monni befor.12 She used to buy all kindz of stuffz.13 Lotz and lotz of kindz.14 Dey will be all "Haha pwned."15 But dey will be sadz.16 And be liek "O noes!"17 "U is broek." Teh sailorz wil see all te smoek.18 N dey will be liek "What a citi!"19 Dey will put dirt on dey hedz n be liek "O noes!20 But Hevn can be happi, bcz she wuz meanz to teh good peeplz."

21 Den a big hovr d00d pickted up a big rock an throwded it in teh sea. He wuz liek "No moar Babylon.22 No moar musikz.23 No moar liets n no moar weddingz. U gotted evribodi in trubblez.24 All teh good peeplz' bloodz wuz in her."

Revelation 18
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