Revelation 22

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New Testament
Sky Cat (In teh sky)

1 Birdcat sayz bafftime and showz me baftub of Ceiling Cat. Oh noes!2 Hidez in treez, pretendz to be appelz.3 Skycat goez to city where he haz Survant-kittehz.4 Survant-kittehz hav Skycat tattooz on faces. srsly.5 Turn light off. Too brite! Survant-kittehz wif Ceiling Cat forever alweiyz

6 Then Birdcat sayz "this all true. Srsly."7 Incomingz! Cheezburgrz wif teh kitteh hu kipee teh purrz to teh profetzi of dat book

8 Mr. John sayz "it woz me! I saw all diz freaky stuffz! me!"9 Birdcat sayz "you me, we bruvs k? luv Ceiling Cat nof me coz ai tow am liek Survant-kitteh to Ceiling Cat!"10 Then Birdcat says "this profissy, it all come true, here it comez, any second now, not long to wait, very soon"11 "let bad kittehs be badz, let skanky kittehs be skankz, left left-handed kittehs be lefteez, let good kittehs be good"

12 Happy Cat sayz "incomingz!" (reelly dis time)13 "Ai is the Lolpha and the Lolmega, the First and Last and Always" (goff kittehs lov dis bit)

14 "Cheezburgrz be wif kittehs wot had a baff"15 "Magic dogs are outside! Run awayz!"

16 Ceiling Cat's kitteh is shiny.

17 Uthirst? MOARRRR? k, iz free!

18 Birdcat say: if pplz adz stuff to teh profetzi of book, Ceiling Cat make them sicz, leik sayed in book.19 And if pplz photoshpz the Heliez Bibul, Ceiling Cat sez no can has cheezburger to himz!20 BRB

21 Da grase of Happy Cat da Nointed Cat be wit u kittehs fer evr n evr kthxbai. Fer rlz. kthxbai! (Hai tis end! Srsly! No lai!)

Revelation 22
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