Romans 10

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New Testament

 1 I rly rly want teh other kittehs to can has cheezburgers, srsly.2 Dey rly lik teh Ceiling Cat, but dey dun lik him cuz dey can has teh knowlij.3 Dey think tey kno Ceiling Cat but dey not rly followin him corektly.4 Jebus com an he madeded it so evewy kitteh can has cheezburger by jus beleefin. How awsum is dat?

 5 Moses sed: "Teh kitteh who duz dese lawz liv by dem." Rly!6 The richtus sed: "Dun say, 'Who gose to teh Ceiling?'7 or 'Who gose into teh bad plase?'"8 Wut do dey sey? Teh wordz r in ur mouf an hart, makin yu proclame:9 "Jebus is teh Awsum Wun"10 an yu rly rly meen it, u can has cheezburger.11 Teh Wordz sez, "If u can has trust in teh Ceiling Cat, yu nevr can has shame, srsly."12 Der be no difrens betwen teh Joocat an teh Notjoocat.13 "Every kitteh who sez Jebus is teh Awesum Wun can has cheezburger."

 14 But whai wud teh kittehs beleef yu, lol.15 Dun be stoopid, cuz teh Wordz sez, "Teh pawz of teh kitteh hu bringz teh gud newz is rly nice!"

 16 Not all teh Joocatz can has teh Cheezburger. Isaiah sez, "Awsum Wun, who beleefz teh mesej?"17 D00d, yu gotz teh heer teh Mesej to getz teh faithz, and teh mesej be herd thru teh wordz of Jebuz, srsly!18 Did dey heer? Duh! Dey did:

 "Teh voise can has to be all ovah teh urth,

  teh wordz be goin to teh endz of teh urth! Very lowd. Srsly."19 An I askeded: Israel? Yu no undastandz? Moses sed,

 "Teh ones who can has not nationz wil be all angry wit yu;

  an yu will be angry wit dose dat can has no undastandin."

 20 Isaiah sez, "I wuz a lost kitteh an fownd by dos dat were notz lookin for me.

  I wuz like, 'here i be' to dos not lookin for me."21 But when it comes to Israel he sez,

 "I hold mah pawz out to dem,

  But deez bad kittehs no can has pawz."

Romans 10
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