Romans 16

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New Testament

Oh Hai's! Cheezburgerz to Phoebe, a helper in teh church in Cenchrea. Srsly, say "Hai!" to her in the Ceiling Cat, and gives to her teh cookies the needs frum you, cuz she helps many kittehs, even me. Oh hai Priscilla and Aquilla, my kittehs in Ceiling Cat. They almost gets eated for me, srsly! Me and the Gentile-cats wants to give dem cookies. Oh hai church at dem's house. Oh hai my d00d Epenetus, furst Siamese cat to kno of Ceiling cat. Oh hai Mary! You makes many cookies and no eated dem! Oh hai Andronicus and Junias, kittehs from same mama who been stuck in clozit wif me. Now dey is with Ceiling Cat's kittehs; dem knowed Ceiling Cat b4 me! Oh hai Ampliatus. You my d00d in Ceiling Cat. Oh hai Urbanas who makes cookies for Ceiling Cat and no eated dem, and him friend Stachys. Oh hai Apelles, who have been maked wet and dryed by Ceiling Cat. Oh hai kittehs of Aristobulus! Oh hai Herodian, kitteh from same mama! Oh hai kittehs of Narcissus in Ceiling Cat! Oh hai Tryphena and Tryphosa! Dey makes cookies for Ceiling Cat and no eated dem! Oh hai Persis! Her makes teh cookies too. An no eated dem, srsly! Oh hai Rufus, pikked by Ceiling cat, and hai rufus's mama, you been my mama too. Oh hai Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas, and all teh kittehs wif dem, too. Oh hai Philologus, Julia, Nereus, and him kitteh from same mama, and Olympas an all Ceiling Cat's kittehs wif dem, too. Say "oh hai!" and kiss each other, for Ceiling Cat.

Romans 16
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