Romans 4

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New Testament
So, about Abraham

1 So what did Abraham finded out about dis?2 If he had gotted rid of hiz Invisible Errors by sumthin he did, dat wuz sumthin to brag about. Not to Ceiling Cat tho.3 What duz teh Bible say? "Abraham beleevdid Ceiling Cat, an Ceiling Cat gived him credit for it."

4 When u work, u getz paid. Datz not a gift, itz what u iz owed.5 But if sum d00d duzint work but jus trustz Ceiling Cat, he getz credit for beleevin.6 Liek David says:7 "U getz cheezburgr
 if Ceiling Cat forgivz u for doin rong,
 if ur Invisible Errorz iz taekn caer of.
8 U getz cheezburgr
 if Ceiling Cat desiedz to ingor ur Invisible Errorz."

9 Duz uncircmsiezded peeplz get cheezburgr, or just circumsieded peeplz? We sed dat Ceiling Cat gived Abraham credit for beleevin.10 But when did dat happn? Wuz it aftr hiz forskin wuz cuttid off, or bfor? Bfor LOL!11 Havin hiz forskin cuttid off wuz a simbl of hiz faith. Dat meenz he iz teh daddi of evribodi who bleevz an stil haz a forskin.12 An also teh daddi of teh peepl who duzint haz a forskin an bleev what he bleevd whiel he stil had hiz. k?

13 Ceiling Cat tolded Abrahm an hiz kittnz dat dey wud run teh wrld bcz beleevn maeded dem good.14 Bcz if teh popo on ur side jus bcz thay liek ur parintz, den beleevn equalz zeero cookies, so Ceiling Cat's resipe iz jus dum,15 cuz teh lawz iz cookie taek awai. N whre theyre iz no popo, they iz no cookie taek away.

16 K so resipe iz in inbox if u beleev adn all Abrahmz kittenz gets it 4 free, evn if you popo or Abraham kat. Bcz Abraham iz evry1z dad kat.17 It wuz wroted: "I haz maed you dad kat of mani breedz." He iz owr dad kat, adn teh Ceiling Cat iz lookin bcz Abruham beleevd in Ceiling Cat—teh kat thet raizes ded kats frm kat cmetery adn sayz "Thatz a dog!" whne itz rly a kat.

18 So it wuz a logn shot, but Abhram beleevd, adn so he wuz dad kat of mani breedz, jus liek soem1 saed 2 him, "Ur kittenz gonna be leik that."19 Adn he stil beleevd, evne tho hiz boddy culdnt scampr ne more—bcz he wuz 21 yrs old (thatz leik 100 human yrs!)—plus bcz Sarahz kitty-maeker didnt scamper too.20 Y, he ddnt stop beleevn, he jus bleevd moer, adn he siad good thignz abuot teh Ceiling Cat,21 bcz he thouhgt teh Ceiling Cat haz big pawz adn culd do whut he saed.22 Adn thatz y "he got tripll wrd score in hiz inbox."23 Teh wrds "in hiz inbox" was wroted not jus fr him,24 dey wuz rittn for us too. Ceiling Cat wil giv us credit for bleevin in him. He maeded Jebus com bak from teh dead.25 Jebus dieded for our Invisible Errorz an comd bak to lief to maek thingz bettr.

Romans 4
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