Song of Solomon 8

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Old Testament

1 I wish u wer mai bruthr,
 so we cud hav hawt cestuous makeoutz
 in frunt of ppl.
 thats not weird, iz it?
2 Plus we cud be in saem howse,
 drinkin mai winez and joose and cookies.
3 hugz!
4 but srsly, doters of jeroosalem,
 dun wake luv up early ok
 it r cranky late sleeper kthx.


5 ho is in r dezert
 leanin on boykittyfrenz?


no iz in dezert silly. iz undr appl tree.
 ur mom lieks appl tree to.
 iz very populer tree.
 lots of babies borning an stuff.
 dey shud cleen ther moar.
6 i has a bucket.
 bucket iz ur hart.
 bucket iz also on fire an ded and stuffs.
 but iz stil gud bucket.
7 luv gets put in sink but iznt drownded.
 also u cant buy it sry


8 ok so liek we hav this sistr
 ho isnt growned up an sexy yet.
 wut do we do with sistr?
9 we dres her up all prty
 an maek lolicon 4 internets!


10 ho carez? i has boobies.
 boykittyfriend lieks dem.
11 solomon has a vinyard in sum hard to spel plaec.
 tenants can has solomon's vinyard.
 he gets moneys when fruitz get ated.
12 i has a vinyard too!
 solomon can has mai vinyard an moneys.
 he is gud boykittyfriend.
 guys dat tend teh vinyard get moneys too i guess.


13 wai u spendin all ur tiem
 in garden w/frends?
 i can has ur voice?
 i mean not liek takin ur actual voice or nething but, liek, talking an singing an stuffs. yodeling b ok 2.


14 kk lets go 2 mountains
 an b deers an gazeles.

Song of Solomon 8
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