Zechariah 10

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Old Testament

The lord will care 4 judah

1 ask teh lord 4 rane in da springtime; It teh lord hoo makez teh storm cloudz. He givez showers ov rane 2 doodz, An plants ov teh field 2 evryone.2 teh idols speek deceit, Diviners c vishuns dat lie; They tell dreams dat r false, They giv comfort in vain. Therefore teh peeps wandr liek sheep Oppresd 4 lack ov sheferd.3 "mah angr burns against teh sheferdz, An im gonna punish teh leaders; 4 da lord almighty will care 4 his flock, teh houz ov judah, An mak them liek proud horse in battle.4 frum judah will come teh cornerstone, Frum him teh tent peg, Frum him teh battle bow, Frum him evry rulr.5 togethr they [a] will be liek mighty doodz Tramplin teh muddy streets in battle. Cuz teh lord iz wif them, They will fight an overthrow teh horsemen.6 "im gonna strengthen teh houz ov judah An save teh houz ov josef. Im gonna restore them Cuz i has compashun on them. They will be as though I had not rejectd them, 4 i r lord their ceilin cat An im gonna anzwr them.7 teh efraimitez will become liek mighty doodz, An their hearts will be glad as wif wine. Their children will c it an be joyful; Their hearts will rejoice in da lord.8 im gonna signal 4 them An gathr them in. Surely im gonna redeem them; They will be as numerous as before.9 though i scattr them among teh peoplez, Yet in distant landz they will remembr me. They an their children will surviv, An they will return.10 im gonna brin them bak frum egypt An gathr them frum assyria. Im gonna brin them 2 gilead an lebanon, An thar will not be room enough 4 them.11 they will pas thru teh sea ov trouble; Teh surgin sea will be subdud An all teh depths ov teh nile will dry up. Assyrias pride will be brought down An egypts sceptr will pas away.12 im gonna strengthen them in da lord An in his naym they will walk," Declarez teh lord.

Teh Footnote

  • a - Zechariah 10:5 or rulr, all ov them togethr. / 5 they
Zechariah 10
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