Zechariah 12

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Old Testament


Jerusalems enemiez 2 be destroyd

An oracle

2 "im goin 2 mak jerusalem cup dat sendz all teh surroundin peoplez reelin. Judah will be besiegd as well as jerusalem.3 on dat dai, when all teh nashuns ov teh earth r gatherd against her, im gonna mak jerusalem an immovable rawk 4 all teh nashuns. All hoo try 2 moov it will injure themselvez.4 on dat dai im gonna strike evry horse wif panic an itz ridr wif madnes," declarez teh lord. "im gonna keep watchful eye ovar teh houz ov judah, but im gonna blind all teh horsez ov teh nashuns.5 den teh leaders ov judah will say in their hearts, teh peeps ov jerusalem r strong, cuz teh lord almighty iz their ceilin cat.6 "on dat dai im gonna mak teh leaders ov judah liek firepot in woodpile, liek flamin torch among sheavez. They will consume rite an left all teh surroundin peoplez, but jerusalem will remain intact in her place.7 "teh lord will save teh dwellings ov judah furst, so dat teh honor ov teh houz ov david an ov jerusalems inhabitants cud not be greatr than dat ov judah.8 on dat dai teh lord will shield dose hoo liv in jerusalem, so dat teh feeblest among them will be liek david, an teh houz ov david will be liek ceilin cat, liek teh angel ov teh lord goin before them.9 on dat dai im gonna set out 2 destroy all teh nashuns dat attack jerusalem.

Mournin 4 da wan they piercd (a.k.a. Jesus)

10 "an im gonna pour out on teh houz ov david an teh inhabitants ov jerusalem spirit [a] ov grace an supplicashun. They will look on [b] me, teh wan they has piercd, an they will mourn 4 him as wan mourns 4 an only child, an grieve bitterly 4 him as wan grievez 4 firstborn son.11 on dat dai teh weepin in jerusalem will be great, liek teh weepin ov hadad rimmon in da plain ov megiddo.12 teh land will mourn, each clan by itself, wif their wivez by themselvez: teh clan ov teh houz ov david an their wivez, teh clan ov teh houz ov nathan an their wivez, 13 teh clan ov teh houz ov levi an their wivez, teh clan ov shimei an their wivez, 14 an all teh rest ov teh clanz an their wivez.

Teh Footnotes

  • a - Zechariah 12:10 or teh spirit
  • b - Zechariah 12:10 oar to
Zechariah 12
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