Zechariah 13

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Old Testament

Cleanzin frum sin

1 "on dat dai fountain will be opend 2 teh houz ov david an teh inhabitants ov jerusalem, 2 cleanze them frum sin an impurity.2 "on dat dai, im gonna banish teh namez ov teh idols frum teh land, an they will be rememberd no moar," declarez teh lord almighty. "im gonna remoov both teh profets an teh spirit ov impurity frum teh land.3 an if anyone still profesiez, his fathr an mommy, 2 whom he wuz born, will say 2 him, u must dye, cuz u has told liez in da lordz naym. When he profesiez, his own parents will stab him.4 "on dat dai evry profet will be ashamd ov his profetic vishun. He will not put on profets garment ov hair in ordr 2 deceiv.5 he will say, i r not profet. Im farmr; teh land has been mah livelihood since mah youth. [a]6 if someone askz him, wut r thees woundz on ur body [b] ? He will anzwr, teh woundz i wuz given at teh houz ov mah frenz.

Teh sheferd struck, teh sheep scatterd

1 dis third im gonna brin into teh fire; Im gonna refine them liek silvr An test them liek gold. They will call on mah naym An im gonna anzwr them; Im gonna say, they r mah peeps, An they will say, teh lord iz r ceilin cat. " 7 "awaek, o sword, against mah sheferd, Against teh man hoo iz close 2 me!" Declarez teh lord almighty. "strike teh sheferd, An teh sheep will be scatterd, An im gonna turn mah hand against teh lil onez.8 in da whole land," declarez teh lord, "2-thirdz will be struck down an perish; Yet wan-third will be left in it.

Teh Footnotes

  • a - Zechariah 13:5 or farmr; man sold me in mah youth
  • b - Zechariah 13:6 or woundz tween ur hanz
Zechariah 13
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