Zechariah 2

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Old Testament
Teh Dude With Teh Yard Stick

1 den i lookd up an thar before me wuz man wif measurin line in his hand!2 i askd, "wer r u goin?" He anzwerd me, "2 measure jerusalem, 2 find out how wide an how long it iz."

3 den teh angel hoo wuz speakin 2 me left, an anothr angel came 2 meet him4 an sed 2 him: "run, tell dat young man, jerusalem will be city without walls cuz ov teh great numbr ov doodz an livestock in it.5 an i myself will be wall ov fire around it, declarez teh lord, an im gonna be itz glory within.

6 "come! Come! Flee frum teh land ov teh north," declarez teh lord, "4 i has scatterd u 2 teh 4 windz ov heaven," declarez teh lord.

7 "come, o zion! Escape, u hoo liv in da daughtr ov babylon!"8 4 dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty sez: "aftr he has honord me an has sent me against teh nashuns dat has plunderd u ”4 whoevr touchez u touchez teh apple ov his eye-9 im gonna surely raize mah hand against them so dat their slavez will plundr them. [a] den u will knoe dat teh lord almighty has sent me.

10 "shout an be glad, o daughtr ov zion. 4 im comin, an im gonna liv among u," declarez teh lord.11 "lotz da nashuns will be joind wif teh lord in dat dai an will become mah peeps. Im gonna liv among u an u will knoe dat teh lord almighty has sent me 2 u.12 teh lord will inherit judah as his porshun in da holy land an will again choose jerusalem. 13 be still before teh lord, all mankind, cuz he has rousd him frum his holy dwellin."

Teh Footnote
  • a - Zechariah 2:9 or sez aftr ? Eye: 9 "i ? Plundr them."
Zechariah 2
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