Zechariah 3

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Old Testament

Clean garments 4 da high priest

1 Den he showded me teh Joshua teh hih preest standin befoer teh Angelcat ov teh Ceiling Cat, an Basement Cat standin at his rite sied. (Oh noes!)2 Tatle on him. Teh lord sez to Basement Cat, "Teh Ceiling Cat rejectin yu, Basement Cat! Teh Ceiling Cat, hoo haz pickeded Jerusalem, rejecteds yu! Iz not dis man burnin stick snatchd frum teh fire?"3 nao joshua wuz dresd in filthy clothez as he stood before teh angel.4 teh angel sed 2 dose hoo wuz standin before him, "taek off his filthy clothez." Den he sed to joshua, "c, i has taken away ur sin, an im gonna put rich garments on u."5 den i sed, "put clean turban on his head." so they put clean turban on his head an clothd him, while teh angel ov teh lord stood by.6 teh angel ov teh lord gaev dis charge 2 joshua:7 "dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty sez: if u will walk in mah ways an keep mah requirements, den yu will govern mah houz an has charge ov mah courts, an im gonna giv u place among thees standin her.8 " listen, o high priest joshua an ur associatez seatd before u, hoo r doodz symbolic ov things to come: im goin 2 brin mah servant, teh branch.9 c, teh stone i has set in frunt ov joshua! Thar r seven eyez on dat wan stone, an im gonna engrave an inscripshun on it, sez teh lord almighty, an im gonna remoov teh sin ov dis land in single dai.10 " in dat dai each ov u will invite his neighbor 2 sit undr his vine an fig tree, declarez teh lord almighty."

Zechariah 3
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